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Sunday, December 19, 2010


Well, there are a couple more things that matter. But hockey is definitely towards the top of my list.

This is the 27th hockey-related t-shirt I have worn this year (see links below).

Thanks to my wonderful mom for donating this one (and many of the other 26 hockey t’s)!

So with all of these hockey t-shirts, I guess I should back it up with some words of support for hockey.

Here are my top ten reasons why hockey is the best sport on earth:

  1. You have to be highly skilled as a skater to even think about playing it.
  2. Every goal is huge – it could be a 1-0 game or a 6-5 game.
  3. If you’re good enough and/or fast enough, you can play at the NHL level and be only 5’5” (see Nate Gerbe, Brian Gionta).
  4. If someone on the other team is being an asshole you can fight them, take a 5 minute break, and return to the game.
  5. It has the best trophy – The Stanley Cup has all the players’ names that have ever won it, and the players who win each get it for a day.
  6. The sportsmanship – After every playoff series, the two teams line up and shake hands (and they mean it).
  7. Powerplays and penalty shots
  8. Sudden Death Overtime in the Playoffs – It’s better than any MLB, NBA, or NFL overtime playoff game and 99% of the time there’s no bad call, missed foul, or coin flip that affects the outcome.
  9. Toughness – Hockey players are the toughest professional athletes out there, period (I guess you could argue pro fighters/boxers are tougher, but they are fighting, it’s not a game).
  10. Can you imagine trying to get a group of people together at 9AM on Thanksgiving morning to play any other sport? We’re playing on Christmas Eve morning, too!

So, yeah, I love hockey. I love playing it, watching it, going to it, and video gaming it!

Here are my favorite hockey sites:

Hockey Fights Cancer:

And my hockey t’s:

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