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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

T-shirt #349: There is no love in the heart of a city...ever

This shirt is another one donated by Letter From John (, which takes graffiti from bathrooms and prints it on t-shirts…Thanks, John!

Although the t-shirt suggests pessimism, I have found evidence of a city that has love in it…

Worcester, MA is the second largest city in New England.

As I wrote for my Worcester, MA t-shirt (, there are a lot of helpful people and businesses in Worcester who enjoy giving back by helping Hope Lodge. Since I wrote that, Hope Lodge has also received a donation from Table Talk Pies ( - and all I had to do was email and ask!

With this t-shirt blog, the Worcester media has helped reassure me that what I am doing does matter. Channel 3 did a story about it ( and there is going to be an article about my blog in the Towns section of the Worcester Telegram ( tomorrow, December 16th. Thanks again to these organizations for helping me out!

Even with all the awesome help Hope Lodge has received from people and places in Worcester, the real love I see is at the Lodge itself. Most of the guests come here with spouses, siblings, relatives, or great friends. It’s easy to see how much these people care for each other and how having someone with them helps the guests with their healing process. But, even guests who stay at Hope Lodge by themselves stay here surrounded by people that care about them...

One of the most valuable aspects of Hope Lodge is that cancer patients get to live with other cancer patients. Their diagnoses, treatments, and histories may differ, but they all share that cancer bond – and it’s a powerful bond. No matter where they are from, what they have been through, or what they are going through, Hope Lodge guests are all pulling for each other. Yes, I have witnessed disagreements between guests over the years, but that is expected in every living situation. For the most part the guests live, laugh, and love during one of the most difficult times of their lives (for a story a wrote about a guest, go to:

There is love in Worcester, and my job at Hope Lodge lets me witness it every night. Thank you to everyone who supports Hope Lodge and everyone who supports this blog!

For this shirt, go to: and see the original graffiti here:

For more about Worcester and famous people who are from or lived in Worcester:

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