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Sunday, December 12, 2010

T-shirt #346: SUN MULTISPORT EVENTS 2010 Event Staff

I got this shirt on August 15th this year when I volunteered at a triathlon in Westboro. Well, my dad asked me to “help out”, and I gladly did! Although I mostly wore another t-shirt that day (, I did wear this one over it for a few hours.

The most interesting thing about the event ( to me was the fact that every athlete had to have their age written on their body. I have never seen so many women publicly admitting their exactly how old they were!

My responsibility was to point athletes in the right direction coming to and leaving the bicycle area. I can proudly say that none of the triathletes incorrectly exited the bike area during the entire event. And I will give credit to Sun Multisport Events (; as they left, many of the athletes said they were impressed with the way the race was organized.

It was a fun day, and day I got a free t-shirt!

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