All of my 365 t-shirts from 2010

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I got this shirt at the Newbury Comics on Newbury Street my junior year of college. It quickly became my “party shirt”, and to this day is one of my favorites. In case you can’t see it, it says –D. Hopper underneath. It’s a quote from his 1986 movie Blue Velvet ( ). As you can see from the picture of me at my 21st birthday party (with my friends Joe, Meghan, and Mike), my fashion picks haven’t changed much since I was in college.

The other pictures of me wearing my prized shirt are from a Mourning Widows show in 2001. Nuno Bettencourt (guitarist for Extreme, and one of my idols) invited everyone in the front row up on stage to sing the last song (this was just weeks after my friend Glen was invited up on stage by his idols, U2, at the Fleet Center and played guitar with them for a song (see picture: )

Before Mourning Widows played their last song (with my help), the band’s bassist had noticed my shirt and in between songs he looked right at me and yelled the phrase. My sister, who hadn’t noticed the shirt, had no idea why he was yelling at me until I showed her he was just reading the shirt.

My friend Patrick reminded me of another story related to this shirt…I was in grad school and I had to take the Massachusetts teacher exam. I thought the test was BS and didn't prove you were a good teacher, so I wore this shirt under a long sleeve button shirt as my little silent protest. One the way to the test, I was puling off of the Mass Pike and while reaching to get quarters, spilled my coffee all over my groin area. So, not only did it hurt a lot, it looked like I had a big accident. I got to the school where I was taking the test, and stood in wet uncomfortableness as this guy told us the procedure for the day. When he was done, I went into the bathroom and tried to assess the situation. I thought I could wear my ling sleeve shirt around my waist and the sleeves could be placed over the "accident area", but then I would have a nice F YOU YOU F'N F staring straight at the proctor and other future teachers. I went into the stall and turned my D. Hopper inside out, and strategically tied the other shirt around my waist so no one would think the test had made me piss myself. I didn't get any "looks", but I did have to take the test in some moist nastiness.

I think this one is a keeper…

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

T-shirt #89: Harry's Restaurant

If you’re from The ‘Boro (Westboro), you have probably been to Harry’s on more than one occasion. I myself have enjoyed many late-night snacks, late breakfasts on the weekend, and both pre and post wiffle ball game meals at Harry’s. It was the place to hang out when Friendly’s was closed when I was in high school, the place I met up with my friends during college break, and the place I still go to with my friends when in and around the 100th town.

Speaking of The ‘Boro, I had the pleasure of being part of a radio show The Sports Profs) today hosted by someone I grew up with in Westboro, Leanne. She and her co-host Daren were wondering if anyone was listening, so I emailed the show and told them I was. After Leanne acknowledged she knew who “Tragic Comic” was, she shared a funny Leanne-Dave story that I will share here…

It was our senior year in high school, and we planned to go to a Bruins playoff game against the Buffalo Sabres. I had recently been diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor and was seeing double, so Leanne offered to drive into Boston. For some reason I can’t remember, Leanne had to leave school early to pick me up. So, I called Westboro High pretending to be Leanne’s father and tell them she had permission to leave. Little did I know, her father had JUST walked out of the office after installing some new phones. The woman on the line said something like, “Oh, that’s weird, because her father just walked out of the office”. I was busted and did the only thing I could do…I hung up.

Leanne and I did make it to the game, and although The Bruins lost (and I was seeing double of the ½ rink from my obstructed view seat), Leanne (non-hockey lover, but great sport and friend) made the game very worthwhile. A man next to us (most likely anti-sober) kept yelling “Kill Svoboda!” like he really wanted a player dead. Leanne knew there was only one thing to do…she joined him, and was screaming “KILL SVOBODA!” for the rest of the game…not even knowing who or what a “Svoboda” was. Thanks Leanne, and thanks for the show today Leanne and Daren…that was awesome.

For more info:



The Sports Profs:!/pages/The-Sports-Profs/422625404324?v=wall&ref=search


Monday, March 29, 2010

T-shirt #88: Blinky (Simpsons)

I thought this would be a good shirt to wear for the beginning of my birthday week because it was a birthday present. Also, the information I am getting about Blinky is from another birthday present, The Simpsons first “Complete Guide” book. Finally, I had my picture taken with one of the awesome Hope Lodge guests Angela, who just had her birthday (we had a co-birthday party two years ago when she was here) and came to visit today.

Blinky was first introduced to The Simpsons world on November 1st, 1990. Bart and Lisa caught Blinky in a stream near Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and Marge served it to Burns who was over for dinner at The Simpsons to help his run for governor. In front of TV cameras, he spit out his bite of Blinky and his campaign was over. Blinky also appeared in an episode on September 26, 1991 (Lisa Goes to Washington), seen in a corner of Springfield’s state map. The cool thing about my Blinky shirt is that most people don’t know it’s a Simpsons shirt…just the cool people.

Speaking of cool people, it was a very fun visit with Angela today. She shared her “dream day” of meeting Jon Bon Jovi on her birthday this past Saturday. Her aunt had written a letter to the Mohegan Sun building manager and told him how Angela was a huge fan and about her recent victory over cancer. Angela said everyone was really nice (including the head of Live Nation), and she still has to look at the picture of her and Jon every so often to see that it actually happened. Jon (or JBJ, as his friends call him) talked to Angela for a while and also gave her a guitar pick (which, as a joke, I gave her one of mine right after our picture was taken).

Sunday, March 28, 2010

T-shirt #87: DAVE The Man. The Myth. The Legend

I’m 99% sure this is another one from my Aunt Carol. I thought this would make my friend Carl chuckle, and it did…he also couldn’t believe I wore it to the diner. I will leave it up to the masses to argue the validity of the shirt’s statement. Here are some famous Daves (or Davids), or at least Daves I could think of: (who am I missing?)

Dave Hayes (David Michael Hayes, my grandfather who I was named after)

Dave Chappelle

David Letterman

Dave Matthews

Dave Barry

Dave Grohl

Dave Navarro

Dave Foley

King David

David Duchovny

David Arquette

David Geffen

David Hasselhoff

David Lee Roth

David Schwimmer

David Spade

David Hyde-Pierce

Dave Attell

And, of course, the six Daves/Davids that were all in the same 6th Grade class: Bouffard, Fox, Noble, McGrath, Sullivan, Tufts

Go Eagles!

My cousin Matt just sent me a link to this song that goes well with this blog: Thanks, Matt!

The Daves I Know

JonathanTheGreat | MySpace Video

Saturday, March 27, 2010

T-shirt #86: Boston Bruins

Today, two of my friends are taking me to The Bruins game for my Birthday…freakin’ great. Although I’m not sure the game will live up to when my father took me for my birthday in 1991, I’m sure we will have a great time. The game my father took me to was particularly memorable because there was an NHL record set at it…most penalties by one player in a single game. According to (, Chris Nilan had “Most penalties in one game (10 for Boston vs. Hartford on March 31, 1991 -- six minors, two majors, one misconduct and one game misconduct)”. Oh yeah, The Bruins won the game 7-3, too.

Here are some other of my favorite “penalty” moments from The Bruins…Enjoy, Go B’s and Go BC!

Friday, March 26, 2010

T-shirt #85: The Push Stars

The Push Stars ( are a band from Boston that I was glad I saw open for Great Big Sea in 2004. I saw them when I was about to turn 30, and one of their songs (Outside of a Dream) was about this guy who turned 30 and went back to his hometown. At the Boston show (I had seen them in North Hampton before), I yelled something out about turning 30 when the singer (Chris Trapper) was about to go into his pre-song intro. He wished me a Happy Birthday, but I think I threw him because he messed up the lyrics to the song (which was being recorded to go on an Instant Live CD). I met him and the bassist after (see picture I’m holding) and told him I was sorry if I broke his concentration. He said something like “no problem”, but I guessed he might have been a little pissed. Great Big Sea and The Push Stars went to New Haven, CT after Boston and waiting to get into the show, I met another fan Emilie. I told her about what happened in Boston and she reminded me that I had made him mess up the song. At the show, it was easy to tell it had not bothered Chris that much. During a guitar solos for one of the songs, he handed me his pick and had me strum the strings as he played. Emilie yelled over to me, “I think he forgives you!”

Here are the lyrics and clip to one of my favorite Push Stars song, “Freedom”. If you enjoy, I highly recommend picking up their CD Paint the Town…it is definitely one of my favorite CDs to come out in the past 10 years.

I may work a job that I can’t stand

With broken pride and cracked up hands

But Friday, when the work is done

It’s where I find my freedom

So I crank the tunes up in my car

And drive to anywhere you are

And if my car broke down well then I'd run

To where I find my freedom

So you open your door to my tired face

And welcome me into your place

You understand how far I've come

To where I find my freedom

Then you offer me a nice cold drink

'Cause inside I'm too tired to think

I'd always sought a simple love

It's where I find my freedom

Late at night we sway to sleep

I pray to God that you will keep

Me in your arms 'til the rising sun

It's where I find my freedom

It's where I find my freedom

Thursday, March 25, 2010


I don’t really have much to say about this shirt other than I think it’s funny. After searching online for something “cow tipping” related, I did find a Beavis and Butthead episode…enjoy:

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

T-shirt #83: Soundwave (Transformers)

Yes, that robot I am holding is the Soundwave toy that I got for Christmas in 1985. And yes, this shirt is evidence for the cases when one of my friends say “You’re such a dork”. Luckily, I know they are amused by even my dorky shirts, and I don’t really care what anyone thinks about what I wear. I could go on about Soundwave and how underrated he was as a transformer because he was the one that made the energon cubes (, but this shirt reminds me of one of my best friends, Andy. Before I start writing about Andy, I will let you know that you can read my review of The Transformers movie here:

And if you want, you can read about Soundwave here:

So, this shirt was a gift from my friend Andy (pictured here with me at Harry’s in Westboro…I am wearing my “I’m like a chocoholic but for booze” shirt, see: ) Our birthdays are only a couple of weeks apart, and we started a tradition of going to Newbury Comics and getting shirts for each other for our birthdays. This was one of those shirts. I’m don’t remember which one I got him, but I’m sure it said something inappropriate.

So, what can I tell you about Andy? The simplest way of describing him to people is by saying (and I do this with no shame of my skills) whatever I can do, Andy can do better. He is smarter (Harvard undergrad and PhD), funnier, better at hockey and guitar, and more often than not has caused my female friends to smile, gasp, or say something like (Ooooh, Andy?) when I mention his name (Sorry girls, he has a girlfriend now).

One of my favorite Andy stories happened when we were both juniors in college. Andy was studying abroad in Australia and I was at BC. One day, he later told me, he got this “bad feeling” that something bad had happened back in The States. He called his family to make sure everything was okay, and they had nothing unusual to report. His Australian friends went out that night, but Andy just wasn’t feeling up to it, and stayed in. A couple of weeks later, he got his answer to why he was feeling so down. He got a letter from me with a crude drawing and a date written on the envelope. The date was the day he had that “bad feeling”, and the drawing was of me flying through the air. I had gotten off of the bus that took students to off campus housing, and I was hit by a Ford Bronco when I went to cross the street (see story here: ). There are more “psychic” stories related to Andy and his family, but those will come later.

Now, I only get to see Andy about one day out of the year. We usually go to Harry’s in Westboro around Christmas, eat, and exchange presents. Sometimes it upsets me that we don’t get to hang out that often, but it makes that one time a year special. And although one can argue about the evils of the internet, it does make keeping in touch that much easier. Even if for just that one day, he’s another great person I am lucky to have in my life. More Andy stories to come…

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

T-shirt #82: Imagine...(John Lennon)

To me, this shirt and this song are what it’s all about (sorry to inform you, The Hokey-Pokey is not what it’s all about). This song (see lyrics below) makes me think of the earth as one big house. One house, with a huge family living in it. What would a visitor (alien, deity?) to earth think about this “house” and “family”? Most likely (I’m just guessing), they would think we weren’t taking very good care of each other or the house. They would wonder how people in the same family could hate each other so much, and why those with so much weren’t willing to share with others in that family.

I have the blessing of knowing what it is to be part of a loving family. This blessing has shown me time and again that when it comes down to it, the only thing that really matters in life is the people you have in yours. Today, I started making shipping labels for packages that will be sending most of my Star Wars collection (I’m a “pretty big” fan) to people who won them on Ebay. I have decided to get rid of just about everything I own to prove my point. These “things” do not make me happy. The Star Wars drawings from my nephew and niece (not put on Ebay, but I made a shirt from them: ) are much more valuable to me than a Jabba the Hutt figure from 1983.

I think one of the biggest problems in this world is greed. There is more than enough of everything to go around, but the people with the most aren’t always willing to share. I am not rich by any means, and live from paycheck to paycheck. But, I have collected quite a bit of “stuff” over the years. Compared to most in the world, I have TONS of stuff. I have Star Wars stuff, a ridiculous t-shirt collection (see blog), DVDs, CDs, games, Coke stuff, old toys, sports stuff, stuff that has been in storage bins and moved from place to place, books, signs, newspapers from when teams I root for won championships, hockey jerseys, VHS tapes, cassette tapes (mostly 80s metal, in case you were wondering), and more and more stuff.

Since I have all of this stuff I don’t really need, I have decided to get rid of just about all of it. I see it as hypocritical of me to hate the rich and greedy, but keep all of this unneeded stuff. And I know there is a way I can get rid of just about all of it (I think I will have to keep some clothes, all my pictures, my guitar, my computer, some decorations, and a few things I can’t quite part with just yet (like my grandfather’s dog tags from World War II), and turn it into something good. For the moment, I have decided the money I get from things I put on Ebay (like my Star Wars stuff) will go to Hope Lodge in Worcester ( I am a cancer survivor, and this place means a lot more to me than my “stuff”.

A lot of people (close friends included) have told me they don’t understand why I am doing this. I tell them you get rid of all of your stuff eventually anyway. This way, I can do some good with it and enjoy giving it away (Oh yeah, some of my things I have just given to people I know that will enjoy it). Also by doing this, I get to figure out what “things” really matter to me. I know the dog tags will stay and I know the Westboro Road sign my friend Andy got me while I had cancer will be around for a while. I think that’s why I started with the Star Wars things first, most of the stuff after them will be easy…

I hope you will follow me on this journey of minimalism and…Imagine…

Imagine there's no Heaven

It's easy if you try

No hell below us

Above us only sky

Imagine all the people

Living for today

Imagine there's no countries

It isn't hard to do

Nothing to kill or die for

And no religion too

Imagine all the people

Living life in peace

You may say that I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

I hope someday you'll join us

And the world will be as one

Imagine no possessions

I wonder if you can

No need for greed or hunger

A brotherhood of man

Imagine all the people

Sharing all the world

You may say that I'm a dreamer

But I'm not the only one

I hope someday you'll join us

And the world will live as one

Monday, March 22, 2010


Even though it is a repeat tonight, I am wearing this today for two reasons: One, House is on tonight. And two, I think I am coming down with something…only two symptoms though (tired and achy), so I don’t think House could help me. Like a lot of people, I was amazed when I found out Hugh Laurie wasn’t American. Thanks to my mom for telling me to check out this show… (

For those of you that watch it, here’s some trivia (taken from

During Hugh Laurie's audition, producer David Shore told how Bryan Singer, one of the executive producers, said, "See, this is what I want; an American guy." Singer was completely unaware of the fact that Hugh Laurie is British.

Dr. Gregory House was based on Sherlock Holmes... but Holmes, in turn, was based on a Doctor that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle knew while studying medicine, a Dr. Bell, whose specialty was diagnosis.

From a promo picture for the show's fourth season, it was discovered that Dr. Wilson received his undergraduate degree from McGill University in Montreal, QC. He'd been seen previously wearing a McGill sweater. He also received a degree from Columbia University's "School of Oncolgy" [sic].

In the episode where Wilson moves in with House (Season 2), House's Tivo list is shown. One of the saved programs is "Blackadder II" (1986), featuring Hugh Laurie

Omar Epps' character, Eric Foreman, shares a name with the lead character on "That '70s Show" (1998), played by Topher Grace

TV satirist Stephen Colbert has several pictures of 'enemies' on the mantle-piece of his show's set; one of these of is Hugh Laurie, due to both Laurie's show winning an Emmy over Colbert's, and because Laurie received an OBE while Colbert did not. In an episode in the middle of House's fifth season, a picture of Colbert can be seen on House's desk.

In several episodes, House is show at home and his address 221B, a tribute to Sherlock Holmes famous London address, 221B Baker Street.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


Although it could never compete with the Superfriends and Saturday morning cartoons, Davey and Goliath was watched in the McGrath household just about every Sunday morning in the late 70s and early 80s. It was on so early, me and my brothers and sisters would sometimes go with our father to 7:30 Mass AFTER watching. Although I don’t remember many specific episodes (one about making a go-kart?), I do remember Goliath saying “Oh, Davey!” or “I don’t know Daaaavey!” in just about every one. Of course, after watching all the positive messages from Davey and Goliath and then going to church, my siblings and I never misbehaved on Sundays…

For more info:

Saturday, March 20, 2010

T-shirt #79: I'm with the band.

Although I usually wore this shirt to Focusin shows, (see:, tonight I am seeing two friends I graduated from BC with play in their band Magnus. I can’t remember the last time I saw Magnus, so I am really looking forward to seeing them play again. I do remember in 1999 seeing them play at Great Scott’s after BC won the Hockey East Championship, so I am hoping for a repeat (11 years later) tonight. Now there are about ten people in Magnus, so maybe I will even be able to get away with wearing this (I’m hoping to at least ass a picture of me with the band!)…off to Waxy O’s in Foxboro!

For more info:

Friday, March 19, 2010


This is a newer one and I thought it would be appropriate to wear it because I am seeing Alice in Wonderland tonight. If you need a Super Mario Brothers fix, you can go here to play for free:

Enjoy, and have a safe and happy weekend!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

T-shirt #77: MADE IN IRELAND

I believe this t was a target special. Had a great St. Patrick’s Day yesterday…started hanging out with my wonderful nephews and niece. I gave them each a jar of green Flarp! ( which is this goop that makes fart noises when you put it back in the jar. Needless to say, they were very amused (almost as much as my 36-year-old friend and lawyer Carl). We played a rousing game of Whoonu, which is similar to Apples to Apples, but the person simply gives higher or lower points (6-1) to the nouns put in (so one might give “Hockey” a 6, while “homework” would get a 1).

After fun with the kids, I headed to Marlborough and played some songs (irish and others) with one of the students at the school I was teaching at. We played, some students read poetry, and all enjoyed soda bread made by my mom and aunt (thanks Mom and Auntie!)

Then it was dinner at my parents with the family and my friend erin…my mother’s dinner was superb, as always, including a shamrock shaped pan of brownie and minty delight. The highlight was skyping with my awesome sister megan, who informed me (through her research) that we were more like 90% Irish…I had always guessed around 75%. The kids took about 12 snapshots of Meg as they talked, each one (to them) funnier than the last.

After filling my stomach, it was off to Mulligan’s for some Irish music. And yes, I did sing a song…I attempted “These Exiled Years” by Flogging Molly:

And then, on my way home I stopped at my old apartment and watched one of my guilty pleasures (Gameshow Network) with one of my best friends.

It was a great St. Patrick’s Day with some great people…definitely feeling the Luck o’ the Irish! Now, Excited to see what happens with Cooke tonight…Go B’s!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

T-shirt #76: KISS ME, I'M SHITFACED (Dropkick Murphys)

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! The funny thing about this shirt is I haven’t had a drink in almost 15 years. It comes from a Dropkick Song, which you can check out here:

Have a fun, safe, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone! If you are in the central Massachusetts area and looking for something to do tonight, there is an Irish session (no cover!) at Mulligan’s (Westboro Country Club) on Main Street in Westboro…7:30, be there!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

T-shirt #75: RED SOX, Shamrock

Since this is my first of many Red Sox shirts, I will start with my first Red Sox story. I was six when I went to my first game at Fenway. I am glad my father had the rule of not taking us to a game until we were six (so we actually could remember the experience). Before the game, a park employee approached me and asked if I wanted to be the “Coca-Cola Kid” that day. I had no idea what he was talking about, so I asked my dad if he knew. Looking at the picture of me with all of my huge buttons, I think he may have picked me because he thought I was “special”. My dad told the guy yes, and during the game, they took me and my father up to the announcer’s booth (back then I guess it was okay to leave my ten-year-old brother by himself). They gave me a bunch of Coke stuff including a shirt (same one in the picture that I have framed) and a Coke bottle radio. They also took my picture and put it up on the scoreboard in centerfield (which was black and white back then, but you could still tell it was me!). My favorite part by far was when they let me control the balls, strikes, and outs lights on the Green Monster. I remember Jim Rice looking back to see what the count was and thinking “I put that light on!” There was also one pitch that the guys in the booth argued over if it was a ball or strike…I got the call right. The funny part of this story is when my dad and I returned to the seats and saw my brother. Somehow without any money, he had managed to get himself an ice cream. The guy in the row behind had spilled his beer on him during an exciting play and felt bad, so he bought him the treat. Yaz hit a homerun, and the Red Sox won the game. I really had no choice from the very beginning: I was a die-hard fan.

Monday, March 15, 2010


Most people know the Dropkick Murphys from their song “Shipping Up to Boston” which was featured in the movie The Departed. See here:

Although I had heard of this band back in the late 90s, I didn’t become a fan until I heard them play the BC fight song “For Boston”. Here are the studio and live versions of the song…I enjoy this live one in particular because it comes from a concert at Agganis Arena, where BU plays their home hockey games.

After picking up their Sing Loud, Sing Proud! CD, I really enjoyed their combination of Celtic-Punk originals and covers of traditional songs like Fields of Athenry, Black Velvet Band, The Wild Rover, and The Rocky Road To Dublin.

For more info and to hear more songs:!/DropkickMurphys?v=info

Another DKM shirt in a couple of days…

Sunday, March 14, 2010

T-shirt #73: Danu

This shirt (a gift from my mom) is for the best Traditional Irish band I have ever seen live, Danu…yeah, I think they are better then The Chieftains. Here is a clip of them playing (and if you can’t wait, it really gets going around 1 minute, 25 seconds):

Here are a few of my favorite songs from their CDs:

Here are Danu's websites:

Saturday, March 13, 2010

T-shirt #72: Prince Edward Island, O'Islander

Continuing my Irish-themed shirts, I’m wearing this one today because I am going with my family to see Richard Wood, an unbelievably good fiddler from PEI. Check him out:

Richard's web site:

I added a picture of me with Richard after the show. As usual, those who had not seen him before were left speechless...the man was born to fiddle.

Friday, March 12, 2010

T-shirt #71: Who's Your Paddy?

This shirt was a gift from one of the Holy Cross students that comes to Hope Lodge every week, and is the HCWRFC’s (Holy Cross Women’s Rugby Football Club) Saint Patrick’s Day shirt for 2008. The first time (since I started) the students came to visit Hope Lodge, we had a guest who was a little “behind the times” and didn’t think ANY females played rugby ANYWHERE. I would have referred him to this page (, but I was still trying to explain to him that email addresses weren’t specific to single computers. This will be the first in a string of my many Irish/Ireland related shirts leading up to the 17th. Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

T-shirt #70: CITIZEN DICK

I got this shirt a while back at Tower Records on Newbury Street in Boston. It is a reference to a made-up band for the movie Singles, which had one of the best soundtracks ever put together:

1. Would? - Alice in Chains 2. Breath - Pearl Jam 3. Seasons - Chris Cornell 4. Dyslexic Heart - Paul Westerberg 5. Battle of Evermore – Lovemongers 6. Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns - Mother Love Bone 7. Birth Ritual – Soundgarden 8. State of Love and Trust - Pearl Jam 9. Overblown – Mudhoney 10. Waiting for Somebody - Paul Westerberg 11. May This Be Love - Jimi Hendrix 12. Nearly Lost You - Screaming Trees 13. Drown - The Smashing Pumpkins

I wore it today because they just announced Pearl Jam will be playing in Boston on May 17th. Pearl Jam is not only on the Singles soundtrack, they are in the movie as part of Citizen Dick:

One of my favorite parts of the movie is an interview with the lead singer of Citizen Dick (played by Matt Dillon). I couldn’t find it on Youtube, but here is the text:

Club Interviewer: Talking here with Cliff Poncier. Cliff, any comments on the "Seattle Sound" and Citizen Dick's place in it?

Cliff Poncier: Well, I don't like to reduce us to just being part of the "Seattle Sound." I'd like to think of us as expanding more. Like, we're huge in Europe right now. I mean, we've got records... uh, a big record just broke in Belgium.

Club Interviewer: Now, a song like "Touch Me, I'm Dick" is about... what?

Cliff Poncier: Well, I think "Touch Me, I'm Dick," in essence, speaks for itself, you know. I think that, you know, that's basically what the song is, um... about... is about, you know... I-I think a lot of people might think it's actually about, you know,"My name is Dick, and, you know, you can touch me," but, I think, you know, it can be seen either way.

For more info on Singles, go here:

If you have ever wondered why Nirvana wasn’t included as part of this Seattle-based-grunge movie, I just found this:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

T-shirt #69 Homer: I AM SO SMRT

This shirt (which I bought online, forget where) was a favorite of the many students I taught over the years…some just laughed, some couldn’t figure it out, and some were just happy they knew the word “smart” was spelled incorrectly. The shirt is a reference to a Simpsons episode, and you can enjoy the clip here:

One of the “skills” I have is being able to relate just about anything to The Simpsons, Family Guy, or Star Wars. Someone will be sharing something that happened, and I will say “That is just like The Simpsons episode when…” I often wonder how much of my brain is used keeping Simpsons, Family Guy, Seinfeld, and Star Wars quotes in my memory. But this is what amuses me, so that’s a good thing, right?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This t-shirt was a gift picked out by my nephew…I wore it today because I put most of my Star Wars collection on Ebay to raise money for Hope Lodge. I figured since I have decided to auction off just about everything I own (including these t-shirts), I would start with some of the hardest tough to part with. Here are the links, I hope you will share them with someone you know that likes Star Wars: