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Thursday, March 4, 2010

T-shirt #63: University of Prince Edward Island

I got this one last year during my yearly visit to The Island. When I think of PEI, many things come to mind.

From my youth, the 14 hour trips (with the ferry ride), leaving at 4AM for those trips, meeting my grandparents who were already up there, endless wiffle ball games, Mr. Dressup, the smell of the dewy grass in the morning as I ran to my grandmother’s cottage for breakfast, years the McGraths and O’Neills were there together, mini golf, visiting the farm, The Hughes Family, Rainbow Valley, the beach, Tim Hortons, flashlight tag, the talking crow, the big stone in front of the cottage, my father taking pictures and/or movies, ketchup potato chips, the swings in the basement, Cavendish, deep sea fishing, the screen house, and endless card games with my siblings and grandmother (who would call us “little shits” if we took a card she needed).

For the years after college until now, PEI makes me think of relaxing mornings, going to see The Fiddlers’ Sons, Cynthia MacLeod, and Richard Wood, Cows, visiting the UPEI bookstore, fun with my nephews and niece, watching Trailer Park Boys, how many more stars you see in the sky at night, Dalvay Beach, playing roller hockey, Adam McQuaid, Piazza Joe’s, actually reading books, and laughing at all hours.

Most of all, PEI means family to me. It means being in one of my favorite places with my favorite people.

Also pictured with me is my newest book of poetry which I just got in the mail today, woo hoo! Below is a poem in it that makes references to PEI…enjoy!


My dream,

I miss you famously,

Like how many stars on a

Late August night In Prince Edward Island,

A single dot in our Milky Way of sharing.

A need, not want to look up at the same sky,

Sleep until whenever,

To get up and create new constellations of art.

Run away

To the acres of fields The Moon begs the Sun to harvest,

This eclipse has me wandering

With only my pen,

Searching for even a tease of light

To record this phenomenon.

My faith goes to you,

My ideal dream, blanket of beauty.

I will find you somehow,

Even collapsed,

I will carry you in the moonlight

Through the sunlight

To a sandy PEI beach.

And, music, music, music, music,

Music...a planet of music for you.

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  1. You forgot to add to the list, "Playing practical jokes on my sister (i.e., the Towel in the Sand Incident)!!!