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Friday, March 26, 2010

T-shirt #85: The Push Stars

The Push Stars ( are a band from Boston that I was glad I saw open for Great Big Sea in 2004. I saw them when I was about to turn 30, and one of their songs (Outside of a Dream) was about this guy who turned 30 and went back to his hometown. At the Boston show (I had seen them in North Hampton before), I yelled something out about turning 30 when the singer (Chris Trapper) was about to go into his pre-song intro. He wished me a Happy Birthday, but I think I threw him because he messed up the lyrics to the song (which was being recorded to go on an Instant Live CD). I met him and the bassist after (see picture I’m holding) and told him I was sorry if I broke his concentration. He said something like “no problem”, but I guessed he might have been a little pissed. Great Big Sea and The Push Stars went to New Haven, CT after Boston and waiting to get into the show, I met another fan Emilie. I told her about what happened in Boston and she reminded me that I had made him mess up the song. At the show, it was easy to tell it had not bothered Chris that much. During a guitar solos for one of the songs, he handed me his pick and had me strum the strings as he played. Emilie yelled over to me, “I think he forgives you!”

Here are the lyrics and clip to one of my favorite Push Stars song, “Freedom”. If you enjoy, I highly recommend picking up their CD Paint the Town…it is definitely one of my favorite CDs to come out in the past 10 years.

I may work a job that I can’t stand

With broken pride and cracked up hands

But Friday, when the work is done

It’s where I find my freedom

So I crank the tunes up in my car

And drive to anywhere you are

And if my car broke down well then I'd run

To where I find my freedom

So you open your door to my tired face

And welcome me into your place

You understand how far I've come

To where I find my freedom

Then you offer me a nice cold drink

'Cause inside I'm too tired to think

I'd always sought a simple love

It's where I find my freedom

Late at night we sway to sleep

I pray to God that you will keep

Me in your arms 'til the rising sun

It's where I find my freedom

It's where I find my freedom

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