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Sunday, March 7, 2010

T-shirt #66: Boston Fire Department

This is the first t-shirt I am writing about that was donated to me just for the blog…thanks Carolyn!

Although it has been said and written many times, it still is true: firefighters are heroes many, many more times than any celebrity…just ask Denis Leary, he’ll agree. I don’t have any personal firefighting stories, but this one always makes me chuckle to myself, because of how scared I got:

When I was in my late teens, I was watching “Backdraft” ( for the first time. It was a hot, humid summer day, so the images on the screen weren’t helping. Then, in the middle of the movie, the fire alarm in my parents’ basement went off. I was home alone, so I knew it was up to me to check it out. As the scenes from the movie replayed in my head, I touched the handle of the basement door about 15 times before I opened it. I opened it to the blaring beeps, but there was no fire. Just the humidity alone had made the alarm go off. Great flick though.

But, it still doesn’t compare to my favorite firefighter-related show…Rescue Me (, created by Denis Leary, who lost a cousin who was in the Worcester Fire Department ( and who started a foundation to help fund houses with more up-to-date equipment and facilities (…What you will find out about Rescue Me (if you are dork like me and watch interviews and extras) is that some of the stories from the show are based on real life people and events. If you like dark humor, don’t mind swearing, sex, drinking, drugs, AND firefighting, I highly recommend checking it out!

For more info on the Boston Fire Department:

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