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Thursday, March 18, 2010

T-shirt #77: MADE IN IRELAND

I believe this t was a target special. Had a great St. Patrick’s Day yesterday…started hanging out with my wonderful nephews and niece. I gave them each a jar of green Flarp! ( which is this goop that makes fart noises when you put it back in the jar. Needless to say, they were very amused (almost as much as my 36-year-old friend and lawyer Carl). We played a rousing game of Whoonu, which is similar to Apples to Apples, but the person simply gives higher or lower points (6-1) to the nouns put in (so one might give “Hockey” a 6, while “homework” would get a 1).

After fun with the kids, I headed to Marlborough and played some songs (irish and others) with one of the students at the school I was teaching at. We played, some students read poetry, and all enjoyed soda bread made by my mom and aunt (thanks Mom and Auntie!)

Then it was dinner at my parents with the family and my friend erin…my mother’s dinner was superb, as always, including a shamrock shaped pan of brownie and minty delight. The highlight was skyping with my awesome sister megan, who informed me (through her research) that we were more like 90% Irish…I had always guessed around 75%. The kids took about 12 snapshots of Meg as they talked, each one (to them) funnier than the last.

After filling my stomach, it was off to Mulligan’s for some Irish music. And yes, I did sing a song…I attempted “These Exiled Years” by Flogging Molly:

And then, on my way home I stopped at my old apartment and watched one of my guilty pleasures (Gameshow Network) with one of my best friends.

It was a great St. Patrick’s Day with some great people…definitely feeling the Luck o’ the Irish! Now, Excited to see what happens with Cooke tonight…Go B’s!

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