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Sunday, March 28, 2010

T-shirt #87: DAVE The Man. The Myth. The Legend

I’m 99% sure this is another one from my Aunt Carol. I thought this would make my friend Carl chuckle, and it did…he also couldn’t believe I wore it to the diner. I will leave it up to the masses to argue the validity of the shirt’s statement. Here are some famous Daves (or Davids), or at least Daves I could think of: (who am I missing?)

Dave Hayes (David Michael Hayes, my grandfather who I was named after)

Dave Chappelle

David Letterman

Dave Matthews

Dave Barry

Dave Grohl

Dave Navarro

Dave Foley

King David

David Duchovny

David Arquette

David Geffen

David Hasselhoff

David Lee Roth

David Schwimmer

David Spade

David Hyde-Pierce

Dave Attell

And, of course, the six Daves/Davids that were all in the same 6th Grade class: Bouffard, Fox, Noble, McGrath, Sullivan, Tufts

Go Eagles!

My cousin Matt just sent me a link to this song that goes well with this blog: Thanks, Matt!

The Daves I Know

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  1. How about the Dave you were named after - David Michael Hayes?
    Then the hockey Daves: Poulin, Ling, Schultz, Shaw...