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Thursday, December 16, 2010

T-shirt #350: CANADIENS SUCK

I have worn 289 t-shirts since this one:, and I still think the Canadiens suck! I wore this one (which I bought outside the Fleet Center years ago) today because my beloved B's are playing the "Hated Habs" tonight...

And very much like the Yankees sucking (,, it doesn’t matter what place the Canadiens are in – they suck.

I am a huge fan of their captain, BC grad Brian Gionta, but they still suck.

They just scored on a penalty shot, but they suck.

They just went up 2-0, and they still suck.

They have only 8 fighting majors this season…‘nough said.

Where does all of this anti-Hab sentiment come from? Well, like this PSA claims about drugs, “Parents who hate the Canadiens have children who hate the Canadiens…”

The best thing about the B’s/Habs rivalry is that (no matter what they say), the players seem to be into it just as much as the fans:

Hoping the B’s can comeback tonight…


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