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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

T-shirt #348: VOTE BILL BRASSKY IN 08

My awesome friend Ian made this t-shirt for me a couple of years ago…

I see so much of myself in Ian, it’s kinda scary.

As far as disease, tough times, and getting screwed over by people, Ian and I could go round for round on who has been through the most.

But, we were there for each other when times were tough. We supported each other, talked to each other, and just hung out with each other. And more importantly, we never forgot how to laugh with each other…

We watched Outside Providence, Grandma’s Boy, and Eddie Murphy stand-up until we were quoting just about every line (guys do this a lot, in case you didn’t know).

And, we watched a lot of Saturday Night Live….a lot.

I think our most quoted skits were from Chris Farley, Alec Baldwin (especially Zinger vs. Burns:, and Adam Sandler.

One of Ian’s favorite skits was Bill Brasky. I won’t tell you what it is, you can see for yourself. Enjoy!

For more on Bill Brasky:

Thanks for the shirt, dude. I miss ya and I love ya!

PS- According to the web, it’s Brasky not Brassky, but I still love this shirt!

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