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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

T-shirt #208: UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center

The internet is down again at the Lodge...ugh. This shirt, which you can't see yet, was donated to me from my favorite nurse...thanks, Joan! More on how great UMass is later...

In case you missed it before, I love nurses (, and this shirt was donated to me from my favorite nurse…thanks Joan!

Although the Children’s Medical Center ( didn’t open until I was finished with my chemotherapy, the pediatric floor at UMass was where I was treated for both my Crohn’s and brain cancer. Looking back, I feel lucky that this is where I got treated. The nurses and doctors at UMass helped me feel comfortable in the hospital setting and definitely contributed to my recovery over these diseases. They provided an environment conducive to healing and always answered all of my questions. It always makes me happy when I tell Hope Lodge guests who are getting treated at UMass that I also got treated there. I can see in their faces that by seeing a UMass survivor right before them, they feel confident about getting treatment at the same place. Is there a better endorsement for a hospital?

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