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Monday, July 26, 2010

T-shirt #207: B5K

This shirt is from a 5K race I ran (and finished!) last year that was a fundraiser for both Hope Lodge and pancreatic cancer research. The race was put on by Block 5, the first restaurant opened (it is now closed) by Niche Hospitality.

Every Monday since I have been working at Hope Lodge, someone from a Niche restuarant ( has brought free dinner for the guests (yes, I’m allowed to eat it too!). That’s over 150 donated dinners since I have been here (Tonight there was salad, rice, and delicious steak burritos). There were also a couple of weeks when we didn’t have many guests and Block 5 told us to come out to the restaurant…their treat! The added bonus to the weekly free meals is that it helps bring the Hope Lodge guests together. Nothing pleases me more than walking into the kitchen at night and seeing a table full of guests and caregivers chatting away and enjoying dinner…it’s really what Hope Lodge is all about.

In addition to the Monday meals, Niche also helped us with our 25th anniversary celebration and they help us every year at our fashion show. Although saying thank you doesn’t cover how much Niche Hospitality does for the Lodge, I will do it again tonight…Thank you so much, everyone at Hope Lodge appreciates what you do and we are lucky to have such a great relationship with you!

Pictures: Mid-race wearing this shirt: (, finishing the race, assuring my brother Tom I am way to sweaty to hug, and my friend Glen, me, Glen’s wife Krissy, and my sister Carolyn post-race (they all kicked my ass!).

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