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Monday, July 5, 2010

T-shirt #186: BOSTON USA (Irish flag)

My name is Dave. I’m Irish, and I love Boston. I got this one at an Irish Festival in 2002 (I believe it was at Stonehill College), and I thought it would be a good “Leaving a very Irish-Celtic place to go home” shirt.

Had a great day with the fam yesterday. We started off with a great breakfast that included Tim Horton’s doughnuts. Then we went to Mass (ugh), but something funny happened as we were walking out of the church. To be funny, I tapped my nephew on the shoulder a couple of times, making him think that one of my sisters had done it. Then, “some lady” (as my nephew put it) tapped him on the shoulder. He immediately looked at me, and I said I didn’t do it. After both of my sisters also swore it wasn’t them, he thought he was out of suspects. I pointed to the woman, she admitted it, and we all started cracking up.

After church we spent a few hours at Dalvay Beach (it was hot for PEI!), and my nephew added to his “career” totals (his words!) in finding sea glass. I added to my career totals of beach resting time, and my dad added to his (very high) career totals of number of pictures taken.

We finished the 4th with a cookout, trip to Cow’s (I got some Chocolate Mud…Mmmmmmm), and some sparklers. It was a great 4th and a great way to end my mini-PEI vaca. Off to Massachusetts soon…

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