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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

T-shirt #202: Darth Tater

We had a power outage in lovely Worcester and after it came back on, HL's internet didn't. So, I'm typing from my phone. Had a bad no energy Crohn's day, but I'm feeling a little better and am happy to report I'm wearing a shirt from PEI's Island Clay Co. that has a Darth Vader potato on the back. Shirt was a gift from my awesome mom...Thanks, Mom! Pics and more details to come...

This shirt was something my mom saw up in PEI and thought “you had to have it”. Thanks, Mom!

I wore it today because I had a “Dark Side” kind of day…no energy or appetite, barely leaving the bed all day. I even didn’t feel up to playing hockey, which is a sure sign I feel like crap. Then, I got an email from the rink schedule guy (who asked me to talk to the manager, and I did, and the manager said he thought my Skate-a-thon was a great idea and wanted to do it). His email said “the manager and I don’t have the authority to donate the rink time.” The employees can’t say they’ll work for free? I don’t get it. Hoping tomorrow I can get in touch with the person that does have the authority. Finally, to top the day off, we lost power at Hope Lodge. It just came back on, which is nice, but I can’t get online…hoping I can figure it out before midnight for my blog…

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