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Monday, July 19, 2010

T-shirt #200: HOBOCORE

First of all, holy shit, t-shirt #200!

I will admit when I got this shirt (donated from TopatoCo, - thanks again TopatoCo!), I had to look up what it meant.

My Google led me to these results at



Hobocore describes a person who chooses to ride freight trains, squat, travel and stay politically minded, while making sure to drink every day. Is usually an ex dope-fiend and generally from the Midwest, though not usually found there. Dreadlocks, facial tattoos, haggard patch-pants and prison time are common, though not required. Hobocore kids are often self-proclaimed anarchists, though usually banned from the local anarchist hangouts. Hobocore music is "anarcho-crusty-folk-rap".

Shit, I ain't as dumb as you think

I can make a bomb with the shit that's under your sink...

Desperate refugee, hop a freight with me

Shoot a pack in the back of the alley

I'm not bullshitting, we really live this way

Hobocore, aka it's lil jay



The next logical extension of emo. The idea being since, by emo standards, the best music comes from the most downtrodden people, therefore the ultimate expression will come with "packs of disaffected youths with elaborate haircuts huddling around oil drums swapping stories of sharing rail cars with Sunny Day Real Estate and passing around a bottle of moonshine cut with their own tears." Concept first introduced by the webcomic Questionable Content.

"We're not emo hobos, we're emotional hobocore."

The second one led me to Questionable Content’s website (, which when I clicked on their merchandise link led me back to all the shirts they had on TopatoCo (

They also had a banner for another t-shirt site ( that of course I had to check out and has some cool t’s (will have to email them later).

Then, I Googled “questionable content hobocore” and came up with the original “Hobocore” comic:

So, what does it mean to me? Although the idea of being homeless (or “hobocore”) doesn’t sound too appealing to me, I know there are people who live in mansions surrounded by expensive everything and are miserable. I know that when it comes down to it, the size of your house or if you have a house doesn’t determine the kind of person you are. I know that the people in your life are far more important than any physical thing you own (explaining why pictures are way up there on my list of physical “keepers”). Hobocore makes me think of the things in my life that can’t be replaced. I know if I won the lottery it would only make me happy because I have people I love and causes I believe in to share it with. E! investigated lottery winners who were still miserable after they struck gold…it didn’t surprise me at all. It’s just goes back to the simple equation that money plus things do not equal happiness. If you’re lucky enough to have people in your life that love you no matter what, then you’re lucky enough…

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