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Friday, July 2, 2010

T-shirt #183: TRAILER PARK BOYS: Bubbles with rocket

The second TPB shirt in my collection (see also:, this was also a gift from my wonderful parents. I was wearing one time back home, and some dude said something like “awesome shirt”. I asked him if he watched the show, and he had no idea what I was talking about. I guess he just likes guys with thick glasses holding rockets. So I am up in Canada now, and thought it would be appropriate to wear my TPB shirt.

When I crossed the border yesterday, I wished the man at the booth a Happy Canada Day. He looked at my passport and said he expected me to be born in Canada after what I said. When he asked me what I was bringing in, he laughed when I said hockey equipment. He handed my passport back to me, and I asked him if he could stamp it (not normal procedure) since it was Canada Day. He gladly did (see picture).

The other picture is of the front yard at my parent’s cottage in PEI. The rock (most likely a meteorite) has been in as many family pictures as the Christmas tree, and was actually bigger when it was found and moved to the front of the cottage.

It was nice getting back up here last night. I watched an episode of TPB with my dad, and today was a typical “PEI Day” (sunny with some clouds, warm but not too hot, and a prefect breeze). Looking forward to Great Big Sea tomorrow night!

Here’s more TPB clips including Commander Bubbles and more Rickyisms:

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