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Thursday, July 1, 2010

T-shirt #182: Canada

Happy Canada Day! Is there a better way to celebrate than by going up to visit our neighbors in the north? This shirt, one of many that had my sped students assuming I was Canadian over the years, was a gift (birthday, Xmas?) and I thought it would be perfect for my drive up to PEI today (That’s Prince Edward Island if you’re keeping score at home, and if you haven’t heard of it, maybe you’ve heard of Anne of Green Gables?).

I will be joining my family up on “The Island”, which is always a time for relaxing, reading, relaxing on the beach, listening to Celtic music, and relaxing. I think my parents have a two hour lead on me, but I won’t try too hard to catch up to them. I am excited because Saturday I will be seeing one of my favorite bands, Great Big Sea (, up in Canada for the first time. GBS is from Newfoundland and is huge in Canada, so it should be a blast (not that their New England shows aren’t great anyway!). I’m hoping since it is Canada Day they will stamp my passport when I cross, but we’ll see. Off to PEI!

PS- More on Canada (and hockey) here:

And more on PEI here:

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