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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

T-shirt #194: Haiti, Optimism has no borders. (Life is Good)

Thanks to my awesome sister Carolyn, this shirt was donated to me from Life is Good ( Thanks again Ca, and Life is Good!

If you buy this shirt at their website here (,color:white), Life is Good donates 100% of the profits to relief efforts that target Haiti’s Children. Even though that’s a great thing, I think the message on the shirt is even better and more important. No matter what difficulty you are dealing with in life, optimism can get you through it. And if more and more people have positive thoughts about something, the likelihood of a better outcome increases. If you read the story about the Life is Good company, you will see it started by thinking optimistically and never giving up (

For me, the same goes for Crohn’s and cancer. I have times where it seems like I am in the bathroom all day long or bouts of survivor’s guilt, but I always bring myself back to thinking about the positive and being thankful for each day I have. Today was one of those “no energy Crohn’s days” for me, but I made it through. I have friends, family, and a job that I love. I have a place to sleep, food to eat, and music to listen to. Life is a lot about perspective and being thankful for what you have instead of complaining about what you don’t have. Hopefully you have something or a cause in your life that is important to you that lets you help people. It might not be Haiti, but if you have thought about helping people in Haiti, here are some links to let you do so:

If there is another cause that is important to you, feel free to share!

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