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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

T-shirt #195: IRISH PARK

I ordered this one from an Irish catalog (big surprise) and am wearing it today because I will be outside and need to minimize the Sun’s rays being absorbed by my Irish skin (It will also go along with my 85 SPF that I will wear, I always say sunscreen this protective should just say “Irish”). I am heading to Hampton Beach with my friends Carl and Scott, which is sure to be an adventure. After hanging out at the beach (yes, I’m sure we will hit the arcades at some point), we are going to see Cinderella (, a band we all grew up on. I will never forget when “Shake Me” started playing at my junior high dance. I was one of about 3 students who knew A) who it was and 2) the words to the song. It’s almost painful to think that Cinderella’s album Long Cold Winter came out 22 years ago, but it will be great to see them and hang out with two of my best buddies…

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