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Monday, November 29, 2010

T-shirt #333: UPEI - University of Prince Edward Island

When I think of PEI, there are a lot of things that come to mind.

For most of the summers I have been alive, I have taken a trip up to The Island from Massachusetts (I know, I’m lucky). When I was a child, that meant traveling over 650 miles in a van with 6 other people. These trips usually went something like this:

Night before:

  • Family outing to Burger King for dinner
  • Mom panicking that trip preparation isn’t complete
  • 5 restless kids getting excited for journey
  • Parents attempting to calm children down
  • More panicking from Mom
  • Final trip preparation done as kids finally fall asleep

Morning of:

  • 3:30 AM wakeup call
  • Packing of family van
  • 4:00ish AM departure
  • I ask if we’re there yet at around 4:05ish AM
  • Mom worries that something wasn’t brought/locked/turned off
  • Some kids fall back asleep
  • Stop at McDonald’s in Maine (which led to a very important life discovery – syrup is good on sausage paddies!)
  • Post-McDonald’s “PEI Surprise” given to each child that behaved up to that point on trip (G.I. Joe figures were a favorite one year)
  • Some sort of argument/fight breaks out between siblings (never started by me!)
  • Dad threatens to turn van around
  • Mom reminds kids of possibility of future “PEI Surprises”
  • Kids hopefully start behaving
  • One or more children get car sick
  • Van makes it through Maine and reaches Canadian border
  • Mom sings “Oh, Canada!” and encourages everyone to sing along

Afternoon of:

  • Picnic lunch stop in Canada
  • Younger kids fear using sketchy bathroom on picnic grounds
  • Post-lunch second round of “PEI Surprises”
  • “How much longer until the ferry?” questions begin
  • Sibling rivalry starts back up (again, never my fault)
  • Dad stops threats, actually stops the van, and all five children become suddenly silent
  • Van becomes hot, sweaty, and smelly (okay, this one usually was my fault)
  • Mom reminds us “We’re almost at the ferry”
  • Dad turns van into race car, trying to make an earlier boat
  • Van reaches ferry and waits for next available boat
  • Family makes bets on what ferry we will get
  • Third and final round of “PEI Surprises”
  • Ferry trip – brothers play video games and/or see how many jellyfish they can see in the water
  • Sight of red dirt / entrance into PEI
  • Siblings stretch arms forward to claim “I was the first one in PEI this year!”
  • “How much longer until we get there?” questions begin
  • UPEI planetarium sighting – a sure sign we were almost there


  • Countdown chanting begins after turn onto street the cottage is on (Dun, dun, dun, dun. DUN, DUN DUN DUN)
  • Arrival at “Big Stone Farm” in Millcove
  • Greeting from Gram and Grandpa Dave
  • Sit down to dinner already prepared by Gram
  • Unpacking of van
  • Mom, Dad, and all children do not take long falling asleep

Please note: Bathroom stops along the way only coincided with stops for meals – one of the reasons I believe my siblings and I can “hold it” better than most!

Although the trips these days are a bit less eventful now, I still always get excited for my annual trek to PEI. It is a trip full of relaxation, beaches, Celtic music, and hockey. It is a place I can hang out with my family and feel peace. Although I highly recommend going there, I must admit I hope not too many people find out about it. Although I didn’t realize it when I was young, I really am lucky to have PEI in my life.

Some PEI sites:

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Favorite PEI musicians:

Richard Wood -

Cynthia MacLeod -

Fiddlers’ Sons -

Lucy Maud Montgomery:

(I looked for an official LMM page, but couldn’t find one)

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  1. Dave - My sister and I are sitting here laughing because your family story about your summers to PEI are very similar to ours, We to ventured to PEI every summer and still all do to this day. The one thing that we always looked forward to was the clam chowder on the boat (no matter what time of day it was). We would always hope to get on the boat with the Iggy / Ziggy dart game and run to the upper deck to secure the game so we could play it for the entire journey over. PEI is a very special place. Thanks again for the laugh and happy holidays to you and your family,