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Thursday, November 11, 2010

T-shirt #315: Uncle Sam - YOU CAN RUN, BUT YOU CAN'T HIDE

I have (luckily, I think) never had to even hold a gun in my hand. I don’t want to ever hold a gun in my hand, let alone be in a position where I would have to decide if it was my life or someone else’s that was going to end. People go through life and complain about their jobs or some person that gave them a hard time or heaven forbid their TV/internet/computer/cell phone isn’t working. The only reason we are able to live life the way we do is because of people that have fought for our country.

My grandfather fought in World War II (see dog tags). He was 27, a captain, and he left my grandmother to go fight right after they were married. Luckily for the Hayes bloodline, he made it back and they had two children (my awesome mom and wonderful aunt!). I don’t the extent of the horrors he faced when he was fighting on the front lines, but I’m pretty sure the challenges he met make my cancer and Crohn’s seem like walks in the park. He did it willingly, and he helped bring down forces of evil that wanted to change the world.

Troops have continued to fight for us “regular people” and have continued to do things that I know I am not capable of doing. They made sacrifices without even knowing me and to this day there are soldiers that put their lives on the line to make sure I can do things like write whatever the fuck I want to in this t-shirt blog. The face of evil and battleground has changed considerably since my grandfather fought in WWII, but the courage, dedication, and sacrifices of the US armed forces has remained something I will always find unbelievable.

Even though “thank you” doesn’t really cover the work that veterans have done and soldiers continue to do: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, and THANK YOU. Happy Veteran’s Day to everyone that served, is serving, and will serve in the future – you have certainly earned it!

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