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Saturday, November 13, 2010

T-shirt #317: Feel safe at night, sleep with a nurse.

I know, I know, two shirts about “sleeping” in a row. I hope you can handle it...

It’s been over six months since I wore my “I Heart Nurses” shirt (, so I figured it was time for another and today is the perfect day for this one.

I am on my way to a Red Cross blood drive at Gillette Stadium, so I can’t write much right now, but here’s the information about it: and here’s my blog about why everyone should give blood:

It’s not too late to make an appointment, do it!!!

And if you are ever in the unfortunate situation of being in a hospital soon, please remember all of the hard work (and long shifts) nurses do every day. I have the experience to know that nurses are really the ones that take care of patients. Doctors may “stop by” and write the orders, but nurses are the ones that make sure it all happens. Thanks again to all the nurses that have helped me over the years, and all the nurses that put in the effort every day/night/overnight!

Off to Gillette and then Burlington, VT for some BC-UVM hockey. GO EAGLES!

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