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Friday, November 19, 2010

T-shirt #323: Admiral Ackbar - It's a trap!

This shirt was donated from (go figure) Nerdy Shirts (, and I wore it today for one of my friends who had a stressful week figuring it (and this blog) will give her a few laughs.

If you don’t know who Admiral Ackbar is, it means you haven’t seen Return of the Jedi enough times. Although not a major Star Wars character, The Admiral has made his way onto two of my favorite shows: Robot Chicken ( and The Big Bang Theory ( I have often said that the Sheldon from The B.B. Theory would not be out of character wearing many of the t-shirts from this blog.

Here are the clips from these shows that make reference to A.A. Oh yeah, the trap he’s referring to is the Death Star’s shield being up and the Rebel Fleet turning around to find most of the Imperial Starfleet waiting to laser them into oblivion (you should really watch these movies if you haven’t!). PS- Admiral Ackbar’s line of “Big mistakey?” in the final video is one of my favorite Robot Chicken moments. Hope you enjoy!

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