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Sunday, November 14, 2010

T-shirt #318: Ben and Jerry's Tie Dye

This shirt was donated from Ben and Jerry’s (thanks again!) and I wanted to wait until I was in Vermont to wear it. This weekend presented the perfect chance for this when I headed up to Burlington to visit my brother Tom. Although last night’s BC-UVM hockey game produced less than ideal results (for me that is, most of the 4000+ went home very happy), today’s stop at the Ben and Jerry’s factory (the picture is right outside it) was very satisfying…

The factory tour started with a short documentary about the beginnings and development of Ben and Jerry’s, then there was the tour itself, and finally a free sample at the end. Today’s flavor was Triple Caramel Chunk, one I have never tried, and was a lot more pleasing that BC’s 4-3 loss last night…

If you want to know more about Ben and Jerry’s, their website ( is full of a lot of information and fun things to do.

Ben and Jerry’s has always been involved with activism and trying to help with social issues. Their Activism page:

To find the nearest scoop shop near you, you can go here:

For information about going on a factory tour:

All of the Ben and Jerry’s flavors are here: My favorite B and J flavor is Half Baked:

If these flavors aren’t good enough for you, you can make your own! You can try your best here to beat the flavor I designed. It’s called “Dave’s Totally Baked” and here’s what it has:

  1. Base – Milk Chocolate, Brownie Batter
  2. Chunks – Chocolate Peace Signs, Peanut Butter Cups, Chocolate Layer Cake, Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookies
  3. Swirls – Caramel and Peanut Butter

I really, really, really hope someone at Ben and Jerry’s reads this and they make it!

Finally, if you like this t-shirt, you can check it and other ones out here:

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