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Monday, November 8, 2010

T-shirt #312: Bubo the Owl (Clash of the Titans)

When Psycho Reindeer ( gave me the choice of what shirts they would donate to the blog, it wasn’t easy to narrow it down to three. Then, I saw this shirt ( and my decision got easier. How could I not want a t-shirt with the owl from Clash of the Titans? Thanks, Psycho Reindeer!

I remember the owl being one of my favorite parts from the original movie (apparently it only makes a cameo in the 2010 remake, which I haven’t seen), probably because it is very similar to R2-D2. It was metal, made funny robotic squeaks, and provided comic relief.

What I didn’t anticipate when I starting writing this blog was that there was a Facebook page dedicated to this owl ( And not only does this page exist; there are almost 33,000 people who like it! (To date, there 23 people who Like Dave’s Daily T-shirts on Facebook - So, I’m getting my ass kicked by a mechanical owl from a 1981 movie.

What I really didn’t see coming was finding a “hard-hitting documentary” about the “rise and fall of the 80’s icon, Bubo the Golden Owl”, which you can watch below. I’m sure it will make you even more jealous of my Bubo t-shirt!

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