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Saturday, April 3, 2010

T-shirt #93: Motley Crue: Girls, Girls, Girls

So after seeing Motley Crue at my first concert (story here: ), they quickly became my favorite band. I went out and got all of their previous albums (on tape from Strawberries), and soon had just about every “poetic” song lyric in my head. In the 8th grade for music class, we all had to choose a musician or group to research and report about. The Crue was the band I went with, much to the “delight” of my music teacher. My report was filled with stories of drugs and rock n’ roll, and I topped it off by telling about one of their videos, “You’re All I Need”. It was a song based on a true story about a guy so obsessed with his girlfriend that he killed her so no one else could have her. MTV banned the video, but it is now just a click away:

After I shared this during my oral presentation, my music teacher said something like “Wow, I never thought it was possible, but I like them even less now”…Mission accomplished. Luckily for me, she didn’t take her personal feelings about Motley Crue into consideration when she graded me…I got an A. Oh yeah, Motley Crue also had a lot of tattoos, but more on that later…

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