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Monday, April 26, 2010

T-shirt #116: I'm a FUN GUY (Mushroom)

This was the shirt of Team Fungi (my friend Glen and I) for the 2009 annual Wiffle Fest in Burlington, Vermont. See here:

Glen will not be able to attend Wiffle Fest this year, so I wanted to wear it while I was visiting him in Portland. Although our wiffle ball team did not win a single game, this is one of my favorites and usually gets either an immediate laugh or a questioning look followed by a laugh. Some dude (who I’m guessing was under the influence of something) at the Wiffle Fest last year saw it and asked me “Are you tripping right now?” I laughed and assured him I wasn’t, although I told him my team was playing like we were. I will be wearing it out to “trivia night” (apparently I’m a ringer for the team), so we’ll see what the people of Portland think about it. GO B’s!!!!

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