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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


To continue the theme of maybe being born in the wrong country, this shirt (a gift from my awesome parents) combines two of my favorite Canadian things: Cows ice cream and The Trailer Park Boys TV show.

Cows ( is an ice cream chain that started in PEI (a.k.a. Prince Edward Island, The Island) in 1983. If you ever have visited PEI with The McGraths, it is a pretty good chance that you have been to one. There are ten Cows locations across Canada, and they sell shirts like this one that are spoofs of things in pop culture. Some others are Cowy Potter (my nephews’ favorites), Cow Wars, and Indiana Moo. The funniest thing to me about this Trailer Park Cows shirt is that they put marijuana leaves on the “Ricky Cow’s” shirt. Can you imagine Dairy Queen or Friendly’s selling a shirt with a drug reference on it?

Speaking of, I have mentioned it before ( ), but Trailer Park Boys is one of my favorite shows. I highly recommend checking them out here ( ) or putting them on your Netflix list. And even though I already put this in my previous TPB blog, I never get sick of watching these “Rickyisms”:

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