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Saturday, April 10, 2010

T-shirt #100: Your favorite band sucks.

T-shirt #100…woah! This shirt is definitely in my top ten favorites to wear and usually elicits a lot of defensive reactions from people. I wear it today for two reasons. First, the place I got it from, The Onion Store ( ) emailed me on Thursday and said they would donate a few shirts to me for the blog/ my cause…freakin’ awesome! It still amazes me how a simple act of kindness can make your day, but sometimes it seems people are “too busy” or just don’t care at all to do these simple acts. Well, The Onion Store did, and for that they are far from sucking. Thank you, Onion!

The second reason I am wearing this shirt today is because I am hanging out with my friend Carl. Carl and I have an ongoing (14+ years) debate as to which band is better, Extreme (my favorite) or Queensryche (his favorite). Because arguing which band is better never really leads anywhere, I always try and steer our “discussions” in the direction of each band’s guitar players. Extreme features Nuno Bettencourt, who is the best guitarist I have ever seen live. If you know someone that plays electric guitar, chances are they have heard of Nuno (See another story about me arguing in Nuno’s defense here: ). Queensryche’s guitarist (excuse me while I look his name up online) is Michael Wilton. I’m not saying Mr. Wilton sucks, but I know Nuno Bettencourt. I’ve seen Nuno Bettencourt. I have been on stage with Nuno Bettencourt ( ). Michael Wilton is no Nuno Bettencourt. Can’t wait to see Carl’s reaction to the shirt.

Oh yeah, here are some of my favorite bands, in case you wanted to tell me they suck: Extreme (and Nuno’s other projects: Mourning Widows, Population 1, Dramagods), Pearl Jam, The Beatles, The Black Crowes, Foo Fighters, Focusin, Guns N’ Roses, Cinderella, For Squirrels, Motley Crue, Aerosmith, Great Big Sea…


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  1. Who is this Focusin you speak of?? (and don't forget Whitesnake, they rock. And Mother Love Bone.)