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Monday, April 12, 2010


My name is Dave and I’m a Star Wars dork. The funny thing is I have been trying to get rid of most of my Star Wars collection, but it has turned out to be more difficult than I thought. I have been trying to raise money to start a relay for life type event for Hope Lodge. The idea was that the person who started Relay for Life walked for all 24 hours, so I would ice skate for 24 straight hours. I thought I would set up a PayPal account to make it easier for my family and friends to help me get this event off the ground. I also put most of my Star Wars collection on Ebay to give me money for this event (I need $1800 to get the ice time). After I started raising money, a restriction was put on my PayPal account because I was (or so they thought) a “Charity”. They wanted documents, Id#s, etc. to prove that I was a charity…information that didn’t exist. I called them and explained that it was my personal account and I was raising money that would eventually go to where I work. My account limitations were lifted, and I continued raising money. After I had raised over $500, the limitations were put back on my account. I now have ebay winners wondering where their Star Wars stuff is, PayPal customer service people who say they can’t help me, and all I am trying to do is help Hope Lodge…ugh. Well, I just got off the phone with someone (after I had to raise my voice to get to be transferred to someone who could help) who said he will try to explain to the “powers that be” what my situation is and will try and get the limitations lifted. He said he’d call me back in 24 hours, so I guess we’ll see then…

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