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Thursday, April 22, 2010

T-shirt #112: Woodsy Owl, Give a Hoot Don't Pollute

Today is Earth Day, although let’s face it, everyday should be Earth Day. Having one day out of 365 to “take better care” of our planet is like cleaning your place one day out of the year (I’ve tried this and it gets pretty nasty after only a few weeks). The sad part to me is even when people try and do something that can drastically change the way we treat our environment, those who have the most money (and surprise, surprise, biggest stake in oil) blast it away like they had their own personal Death Star of Greed. One example of this that really demonstrates how rich, greedy people don’t want this to change is the documentary “Who Killed The Electric Car?” ( I think if enough people watched this movie and decided to not buy another car until electric ones (like the ones they talk about in the movie) were mass produced, the auto companies would change the kinds of cars they make. Is having a big-gas guzzling car that important to people?

If you want more information about what is happening to our environment and oil dependence, you can go here:

And here are the old Woodsy Owl PSA and The Family Guy spoof:

PS- Holy crap, what a Bruins game last night!

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