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Sunday, April 25, 2010

T-shirt #115: Focusin, Heavens to Murgatroid

My second Focusin shirt (see first one here: ), this one was home made for their CD release show (which coincidentally happened on my birthday 5 years ago). I wear it today because soon I will be on my way out to Portland, Oregon to visit my friend Glen and his wife Krissy.

What else can I say about Focusin? You can check out their music here: , and let me know if you like it, because I’m sure there are a few Heavens to Murgatroid CDs lying around.

One Focusin story happened when I was teaching at a residential special ed school in the fall of 2005. Glen and Mark (the singer of the band) came to play a show for the students, teachers, and staff of the program. Because many of them had been in residential settings (or a horrific home environment), it was the first “concert” they had ever witnessed. They rocked the place, signed autographs for the students, and gave them each their own copy of Focusin’s CD. It always amazes me how much a simple thing like playing a few songs can make such a troubled group feel great and even normal if only for an hour or so.

I can’t wait to see Glen at the airport in Portland, I haven’t seen him in almost 4 months. I also can’t wait to see him laugh when he sees me wearing this shirt. Looking forward to a “few” wiffle ball games this week too…

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