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Monday, September 27, 2010

T-shirt #270: Shoot the Baddies

This shirt, designed by Olly Moss (, was donated to me by Threadless (,,guys)…thanks again!

When Threadless gave me pick of t-shirts that I wanted for my blog, it was a tough decision to narrow it down. Then I saw “Shoot the Baddies” and immediately put it in my online shopping cart. It was original, clever, and full of characters that I knew. In case you can’t identify any of the silhouettes, here they are (or who I think they are): Vader, Terminator, Zombie, Freddy, Space Invader, Megatron, Godzilla, Agent Smith, and a Goomba (I had to double-check this last one, but was reassured here:

Freddy always reminds me of the first time I saw a rated-R movie. I was 13, and it was at a church fundraiser (yes, this would not fly nowadays!). Each year during February vacation, junior high students participated in a Rock-a-thon (Imagine a huge room full of teenagers rocking in rocking chairs for 24 hours straight). There was junk food, video games, and scary movies to help keep us awake. A Nightmare on Elm Street was shown at my first Rock-a-thon and it not only kept me awake for the rocking, I had trouble falling asleep for the next couple of weeks! Definitely a baptism of fire into the world of R movies…

Another movie related t-shirt designed by Olly Moss is “Spolit” (,guys), and if I wasn’t limited to the number of shirts I could pick from Threadless, it would have made my list. “Spoilt” was a very close second to “Shoot the Baddies” and reminds me of the time that I told my nephew Vader was Luke’s father, and he thought I was kidding him (you can read that story on the blog for the Star Wars shirt designed by my nephew and niece at: If you haven’t seen some of the movies (or books) that are spoiled by the shirt, oops!

Hope everyone had a Happy Monday!

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