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Thursday, September 9, 2010

T-shirt #252: Trident and Dentyne

Yeah, I know you’re jealous of my gum shirt. My nephew picked this out for me when he went shopping with my sister Carolyn…thanks for all the shirts, you two! I tried to find the specific kinds of gum on the shirt at the local CVS, but could only find the one pictured with me.

I don’t have many gum stories, but one definitely comes to mind. I was very young, sharing a room with my two brothers, and wasn’t feeling well. I had some grape Hubba Bubba gum earlier, and for some reason swallowed it. When I got sick, up came the Hubba Bubba again (which I was convinced was what made me sick). Although that part is nasty, the funny part (according to my mother) was what I was saying when I was puking (into the bed pan she was holding for me)…”All in the pan, all in the pan, all in the pan…I’m all tired out.”

Oh, one other story just came to mind. When I chew gum, sometimes I forget about it and end up chewing rather loudly (chomping is more like it). One time, at one of my sister Megan’s plays, this dude in front of me very quietly and kindly asked me if I could chew a little more quietly…woops! Although not gum related, I have to share another story that happened at one of my sister’s plays. She was a freshman and was in one of the senior’s one-act plays. It was a comedy, and of course, my sister was hilarious. The play after Megan’s was much more dark and dramatic and our grandmother (who didn’t like to turn her hearing aids on) turned to my mother and said (so anyone within 3 rows could hear), “Well, this one is kinda dull!”…woops again!

I tried finding a Family Guy gum related clip online, but had no luck. But as Peter said, “You know what I haven’t had in a while? Big League Chew.”

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