All of my 365 t-shirts from 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

T-shirt #271: KING KONG MILLIONS (New York Lottery)

First of all, sorry for the brief blog. I thought this shirt (donated from my awesome sister Carolyn with the help of my nephews) would be good for today because my Crohn’s (I blame the weather) hit me like a monster today…

Also in my no-energy-Crohnsy state, relaxing to TV is about all I’m good for and today there was a Monster Quest ( marathon on the history channel. Although there were no scientific confirmations of the existence of any monsters, it’s still fun to watch all the eye witness testimony of people that are “positive” they encountered a monster.

I did have two recurring monster nightmares when I was a growing up. One involved Dracula (I blame channel 56’s Creature Double Feature), and the other was getting chased through the woods by Bigfoot. Luckily I always woke up safe and sound, and the dreams faded away as I entered my teens.

Off to rest some more, and hopefully have a night of monster-free dreams…

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