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Monday, September 13, 2010

T-shirt #256: My Other Shirt Is Also Ironic

This shirt was donated from Busted Tees (,, and it made me think of some examples of irony in my life (in no particular order):

  1. When Tipper Gore and the PMRC ( put parental advisory stickers on certain albums to keep these albums from young people and it made me want to get these albums even more
  2. When I was a freshman in college and in line to get my lottery number for sophomore year housing. It was St. Patrick’s Day, and I bragged that I would definitely get a great number because the Luck o’ The Irish would be with me…with higher numbers being better, I got a 22 out of a possible 2000-something…ouch.
  3. When I reminded my mother that my first 18+ weekend was coming up, so there would be no 1:00 AM driving curfew for me. I started seeing double, and that Friday I was in the hospital and diagnosed with a brain tumor.
  4. How out of all the websites I contacted for a t-shirt donation, Stand Up To Cancer (who has “Survivor” shirts and says they will respond within 48 hours) never even gave me a response. Feel free to tell them about my blog at by going to:
  5. When I begged and pleaded with my mom to let me have some of what I thought was “really sweet lemonade” from a bottle of lemon juice. Even though she assured me I wouldn’t like it, I insisted and she let me. Not the outcome I expected, and of course, I thought it was my mom’s fault!

If I’ve forgotten any that you know about, please share!

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