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Sunday, September 26, 2010

T-shirt #269: O'DOYLE RULES

If you don’t understand this shirt (which I got from, it means you haven’t seen Billy Madison…

Like Tommy Boy and Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison was quoted on a daily basis in my senior year Mod at BC. Although I would never call any of these “great movies”, they certainly are all among the funniest I’ve ever seen. To fill any non-seers in, Billy Madison is the story of the son of a rich man who goes back (after learning his father paid off the teachers) to school to prove to his father that he can complete K-12 by himself. Along the way, Billy encounters O’Doyles of varying ages that want to make sure he knows who rules. Here are the clips, followed by the always-hilarious Chris Farley as the bus driver. There are many, many more scenes that will make your stomach ache from laughing, but for those I think you should put Billy Madison in your Netflix list (or just watch cable TV some weekend, it’s on A LOT!).

Tala-hoo-hoo, Zabbadoo!

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