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Monday, May 31, 2010

T-shirt #151: Family Guy, Brian: SARCASM is just another free service I offer

Memorial Day 2010 Things You Might Not Know About Me (This List Goes to 11):

1. Really think Star Wars was only pretty good

2. Working at the ACS for the paycheck

3. Voted for “W” twice

4. Keep telling myself that series choke against The Flyers was “just hockey”

5. Believe that health care is a privilege, not a right

6. Think a person’s afterlife is based on the God they choose and not how they treat other people

7. Believe money can make you happy

8. Glad the Catholic Church has kept up with the times

9. Not really that interested in visiting Ireland

10. Continues with things like video games and wiffle ball for his nephews and niece, not for the enjoyment

11. Think Prince Edward Island is overrated

Related to the shirt (which was from a HL guest), below is one of my favorite Brian scenes. Enjoy and hope you had a Happy Memorial Day! Thank you to all the men and women who served and now serve!

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