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Thursday, May 6, 2010

T-shirt #126: I LOVE NURSES

It’s true, and it all started when I was 14. The hormones in my body has just started to go into full-drive, and I was in the hospital with Crohn’s Disease right before Christmas. My family was there for me, as they had and would continue to be through all of my life struggles. But, the nurses on the pediatric floor were also there for me. A lot of them were beautiful, and they took care of me. I had also just gotten out of major surgery (they removed a foot and a half of my intestines), so I was also on some pretty heavy pain killers…I’m just saying that might have also been a factor in my teenaged crush on my caregivers.

Another and even more important factor in my feelings towards nurses was having the privilege of growing up living across the street from two of the most loving and caring people I have ever known. One of them was a nurse at UMass in Worcester, and her husband was a doctor at UMass (“Dr. Bob”, who also was the reason why the emergency surgery that led to my Crohn’s diagnosis happened in the first place). “JT’s”presence in the hospital was the biggest factor in my appreciation of nurses and being able to feel comfortable in a hospital setting (which is a huge factor, I think, in why I haven’t feared any diagnosis or medical problem that has been thrown my way…see binder in picture). I saw all of the hard work nurses did (and no disrespect to doctors, but in my experience I see nurses spend much more time with patients and get to know patients better than doctors) and how much their care and attitude play a role in a patient getting better. So thank you for being my favorite nurse, JT, you are the best nurse and neighbor I guy could ask for…love you!

Three years after my Crohn’s diagnosis, I was diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor. Again, my family was there for me. Again, but with the raging hormones of an 18 year-old, many attractive nurses were there for me. Again, JT and Dr. Bob were there for me. Again, I witnessed all the hard and caring work nurses put in day and night after day and night. Even more so than the with my Crohn’s, all of these nurses caretakers helped save my life. You can’t really thank people when they do something like that, but I suppose writing about it is a good start, right?

I also have to mention one of my best friends (and one of 3 males in the Nursing program when we were at BC) Drew. Drew was there for me as a friend and a nurse through my “drinking days” He took me to the hospital, stitched me up, and simply took care of me when I was at my worst. I couldn’t have gotten through it without you, buddy…thanks.

Finally, two years ago, I had to be hospitalized for my Crohn’s again. It had been almost 20 years since my initial diagnosis so as far as Crohn’s, that’s not too bad. Enter family, nurses, and JT again (Dr. Bob had since passed away, although I know he was there for me too). I was roomed with a guy my age who had never been overnight in a hospital his whole life. After quickly sharing my medical stories, he felt much better. But (and I don’t know who makes this call), he was also having intestinal issues. Two guys with digestion/bathroom issues in the same room??? Anyway, one morning I woke up to the face of a beautiful nurse. She told me her name, and said she was a student nurse and would be working with my nurse. Luckily, I think she didn’t realize my sense of humor or appreciation of nurses, but I blurted out: “Oh, I get to have two nurses at the same time?”

I am happy to say that it has been over two years that I have had to be in the hospital. I am also very glad to say Happy Nurse Day/Week to JT, all of the nurses that have helped me, and all the nurses that put their hearts into a very difficult job. I know there are times at your job when you might not feel appreciated (by other staff, patients, or both), but know I will always appreciate you….I LOVE NURSES! PS- does anyone know a single nurse who likes to watch hockey?

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