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Sunday, May 23, 2010

T-shirt #143: Stop Rainforest Destruction

This shirt was donated from a Hope Lodge guest, and although I wouldn’t put “Save the Rainforest” at the top of my “Causes List”, I know it’s something important…

Many people that are involved with a cause or organization have some sort of personal tie to it. Bono took a trip to Ethiopia after playing Band Aid and Live Aid, and his passion to help Africa was born. Pearl Jam’s Mike McCready lives with Crohn’s Disease and regularly plays shows to benefit the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. Michael J. Fox fights against Parkinson’s and Bret Michaels cause is Diabetes. Many people that work for the American Cancer Society are either survivors or have/had a loved one with cancer. The issues that I can relate to the most are cancer, Crohn’s, and drinking. Although I don’t have quite the “star power” as Bono, I hope things I say or write about my causes can help people going through a similar situation. So since I don’t really know a lot about stopping rainforest destruction, I will leave my Google search results for you to browse if you’d like more information:

Products certified to be “rainforest friendly”:

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