All of my 365 t-shirts from 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


This shirt was a birthday present from one of the Hope Lodge guests. I wore it tonight because we had a 25th Anniversary event, it matched the Hope Lodge 3-button collared shirt I had to wear, and I thought it would be a nice tribute to the awesome guest who gave it to me.

“Greg” first came to Hope Lodge in the winter of 2007-2008. We quickly became close due to our mutual love of hockey, and went to and/or watched games whenever he was staying here. Luckily like me, he didn’t care who was playing, he just loved the game. And also like me, he often knew when the ref was wrong. More than anything he had a great sense of humor, and we made each other laugh quite a bit.

When he gave me this shirt, he explained to me that the Kodak Fire Department is all volunteers. During one of his stays at Hope Lodge, members of this fire department came to visit and cooked everyone a spaghetti and meatball dinner. I’ve never seen a group of tough guys I would never f- with cook such a delicious meal.

Greg comes to visit from time to time and I get to see him at our annual Relay for Life. One of the best things I do every year is walk the survivors lap with Hope Lodge guests past and present. Looking forward to doing that this year, which is on June 18th and 19th at Burncoat in Worcester, in case you were wondering (

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