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Sunday, June 27, 2010

T-shirt #178: World's Largest McDonald's

This shirt was a gift from my awesome sister Carolyn who was in Oklahoma when she got it for me.

Back in my pre-Super Size Me viewing days, I was a big fan of McDonald’s. Many years, The Golden Arches was what I gave up for Lent (one year I actually went to get a burger at midnight on Easter). So when my sister was in the vicinity of the World’s Largest McDonald’s in Vinita, Oklahoma (whose title some argue has been taken away by a McD’s in Orlando…Google it if you want), she knew I would appreciate having a souvenir from it. She was right.

Like so many other things Carolyn does, this shirt exemplifies how she is always thinking of other people. She thinks of her family, she thinks of her friends, and she thinks of her students. She is always saying “I saw this and HAD to get it for you." She is always buying various things with the word “Hope” on them that can now be seen at Hope Lodge. She has supported me through my best and worst times. The day I got out of the hospital after my first round of chemotherapy, we both had tickets to see Pantera and Skid Row. Carolyn gave me the back stage pass her friend had given her so I could meet the bands. That’s just the way that she is, and this blog will never be able to express how lucky I am to have her as a sister. I love you, Ca!

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  1. Carolyn sounds like a real sweetie. You are lucky to have such a good relationship. As for the shirt, who knew there was such a thing as the biggest MickeyD's. I'd like to see it sometime, just to see what there is to brag about. Enjoy the shirt!