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Saturday, June 5, 2010

T-shirt #156: The Big Bang Theory (Sheldon, Bazinga!)

With many nights and channels full of reality shows I will never ever care about, I was happy when I finally discovered The Big Bang Theory. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about two geeky physicists who live across the hall from a hot waitress/actress wannabe. Although some of the science jargon is complicated, it is hilarious to watch scientists argue over both theory and which superhero would win in a fight. There are also there many Star Wars references and “dork trying to pick up beauty” scenes to keep me laughing. My favorite character (pictured on the shirt) is Sheldon, whose anal-socially awkward ways are played perfectly by Jim Parsons. Always struggling to get a grasp on sarcasm, Sheldon uses the word “Bazinga!” when he attempts to make a joke. He also wears many shirts that could be found in (or added to by) the Dave McGrath collection. If you want to check it out yourself, here it is:

And you can watch these clips here:

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