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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

T-shirt #174: Barney's no-good brother Eddie.

A classic favorite of mine, I got this shirt a while ago and with my mom’s help salvaged it from a pile of old shirts that she had cut up to make another t-shirt blanket for me (see first t-shirt blanket here: And if you can’t tell, those are beer cans on the floor.

I was 18 when Barney was released, and immediately thought it was one of the stupidest things I had ever seen. Also, I just found out (not surprisingly) the first show ( aired the same week I got diagnosed with my brain tumor. Of course I took pleasure in anything that made fun of the show, like this SNL skit with Charles Barkley:

, or more recently this Family Guy clip where Stewie makes reference to the “Kid with the hearing aid from Barney”:

I had a great day wearing this shirt today. Started off ice skating with my friend KTK for two hours and had a great conversation with the rink manager about my idea for a Relay for Life-type event for Hope Lodge. He loved the idea, thought it would be a great way to let people know the rink is open during the summer, and said he would talk to “his people” about reducing the price of the rink rental as much as possible…woo hoo!

After skating, KTK and I threw 18 holes of Frolf (a. k. a. Disc Golf) in Leicester (, and I actually made par on a few holes (And there was one I through it into the water about 4 times).

To finish the day, KTK and I met up with C.O. for some food and World Cup Soccer, just in time for the cheap happy hour menu. Then, when I got back to The Lodge, there were two t-shirts waiting for me that were donated from Crazy Dave’s T-shirts ( )…great way to end an awesome day!

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