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Monday, June 28, 2010

T-shirt #179: peliCAN

This peliCAN shirt was donated to me from Threadless (, ), a community-based company who makes t-shirts from designs created and chosen by any willing participant. The design ( was created by Frederick Wepener and Ross Zietz, and they are donating all of their proceeds to the Gulf Restoration Network ( Thanks again Threadless, and great work Frederick and Ross!

On the other hand, I am still seeing people getting gas at the BP stations in Worcester. I don’t get this, and am thinking of hanging out by a station and asking people why they are getting gas there. Do they not care or do they have no idea what’s going on? I’ve heard people argue that boycotting BP only hurts them more and makes it harder for them to fix and repay all the damage they have caused. Do I care if an oil company gets hit hard in their bank account? I watched a newscast interviewing a manager of one of the Worcester BP stations and he was saying how people boycotting BP hurts him. Dude, I feel your financial pain, but why do you still want to work for BP?

I Googled “help gulf oil spill” and over 60 million hits came up. So, I wondered if either the US Government or BP sites had links. I couldn’t find anything at, but the front page of has numbers you can call. One of the numbers listed is titled, and I am not kidding, “Do you have any ideas to help us?” (If you do, it’s +1 281 366 5511).

I’m with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Can’t more of you billionaires give up half your fortune to help those less fortunate than you? I live paycheck to paycheck but I still know money isn’t what makes someone really happy, sharing what you have with others is. I gave my “Little Brother” two of my t-shirts today (including a Star Wars one…trust me, that means something), and seeing his face light up made my day. I’m not saying every billionaire should help with the oil spill, but there has to be at least a few who care enough about the people and animals effected by this…right? I’m glad at least Threadless, Frederick, and Ross care…

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