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Sunday, February 14, 2010


This shirt is from one of my favorite sites, T-shirt Hell (, which specializes in t-shirts with words, phrases, and graphics that some might find offensive (not me). I have had it for about three years, and always wear it on Valentine’s Day. And no, I’m not really seeking a filthy whore…she doesn’t have to be filthy.

Girlfriend or no girlfriend, I have always had mixed feelings about Valentine’s Day. I love the candy, but hate the feeling of obligation. I love my mother’s annual heart-shaped meat loaf dinner, but don’t like reminders that I haven’t found “The One” yet. I never saw the need for a holiday to show how much you care about someone, and will always believe words, actions, and things that are made outweigh anything bought when it comes to Love. Below is a poem from my soon-to-be-published 4th volume that I think describes it best.

Regardless of how I feel about February 14th, I am happy today. I feel blessed for the people I have in my life (both old and new), and I hope everyone has a very Happy Valentine’s Day!

Is the fuel you need

To run your soul

The one with the highest number?

Can you name a price

For the fuel of life

Derived from the art

You create?

I know little of

Your pre-me life,

And can only attempt

To fill you with my perspective,

I believe the true nature of life

Comes out the closer you are

To death.

Imagine every day as your last

And tell me what feels best.

Is it something bought

Or a moment shared?

Is it who pays for what

Or smiles of care?

Is it the objects or feelings,

The presents or their meanings?

Do I really want fortune and fame

If that is what gives me consideration?

Show me a diamond

Stronger than my convictions,

Find me something more

Heroic than my dreams,

Tell me how anything

With a receipt makes you

More likely to believe…

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