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Thursday, October 21, 2010



* Hockey is the best sport to play, watch on TV, watch live, and play on video games

* The Bruins are overdue for bringing the Cup back to Boston

* The way the playoffs ended last year, this year would be the perfect one for the B’s to win it all

* If this 2010-2011 team plays to its potential, they are going to be hard to stop

* No matter who is starting in net this season, that goalie gives the Bruins a chance to win just about every game he plays

* Adam McQuaid should be up in Boston

* Cam Neely is the best hockey player I have ever watched play

* The Wideman trade already has worked out nicely

* In calling the new building “The Fleet Center”…There was only one “Gahden”

* It was okay for Ray Bourque to go to Colorado – he deserved it

* I will never again see a game like the one I saw one my birthday in 1991 (from It was March 31, 1991, when Hartford played at Boston. Nilan was penalized a record ten penalties; six minors, two majors, one misconduct and one game misconduct, for a total of 42 penalty minutes)…thanks, Dad!

* The number of fights is inversely proportional to the number of cheap shots

* My parents are two of the biggest Bruins fans you will ever meet (they have a “Bruins Corner” in the family room, people)

* The Bruins – Canadiens game I went to on April 21, 1990 ( was the best one I’ve been to…thanks again, Dad!

* Chara has turned into the leader this Bruins team needs

* It was perfectly normal to ask the ER doctor if I was going to be able to watch the Bruins game (it was the playoffs!)

* Fred Cusick was the best play-by-play announcer he has ever listened to, but loves how much Jack Edwards gets into the game

* My family is one of the few who unanimously decided to call their dog “LB”

* The B’s – Habs is the best rivalry in the NHL

* Going to the “Last Hurrah” with my family was one of the coolest yet most difficult things I’ve done

* This is another shirt I made specifically for an event and I am excited to go to the home opener tonight!

* This is the year!

(Feel free to add your own “Bruins Beliefs” in the comments!)

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