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Sunday, October 3, 2010

T-shirt #276: FUCK YE!

I went to King Richard’s Faire ( in Carver, MA today and thought this would be the perfect shirt to wear to it.

The Faire was a great time (even though admission was a little pricey and my Honey Dew Donut coupon was no good), and I’m sure everyone there thought I was quite the “lord” as I walked around with four ladies.

We saw the Washing Well Wenches, the Mud Show, the Big Cat Show, and the Torture Show. The wenches were funny and entertaining (even though I couldn’t be talked into participating), the mud guys were gross (putting their face in mud, spraying muddy water out of their mouth), the big cats were the biggest hit (I heard a couple ladies say “I want one!”), and the torture dude was funny and fearless.

In between shows, we walked around to the different faire shops (I mean shoppes) that had various renaissance clothes, weapons (seriously, you could buy swords, axes, and maces at this thing!), and jewelry. The glass and candle shops had people crafting right there, which was pretty amazing to watch. And in between shopping, there was a lot of people watching to be had – a dude dressed as a samurai, many wenches and knights, a lot of little kids with swords, and many others who made me feel normal in my “Fuck Ye!” shirt.

It was a very fun day with some very fun ladies! I must say, my favorite part came as we watched a parade walk by. I could hear bagpipe music, and it was a tune that I noticed. Not a traditional tune, not an Irish tune, but I tune I know and love well…

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