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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

T-shirt #230: LAO CHE Air Freight

This is another that was donated all the way from the UK, thanks Last Exit to Nowhere (! LETN has a lot of great movie-themed shirts, and you can see the other two they donated me here: and here:

I wore it today because I went to see a psychic and thought it would be one of the least revealing shirts that I had. The reading was a letdown compared to other ones that I’ve had. She didn’t mention anything specific and didn’t tell me something there was no way she could have known (others told me I had a brother with asthma, knew I had a shoulder injury, knew I wanted to write, and had specific advice for me). When I mentioned writing today, she told me I should think about keeping a journal. I thought about telling her that I had already filled about 12 journals in the past 5 years, but I just smiled and said, “okay”.

If you don’t know the connection between Lao Che Air Freight and The Temple of Doom, you either haven’t seen the Temple of Doom or haven’t seen it 83 times like I have. The Indiana Jones movies were very high on my list of favorites growing up, second to only the Star Wars trilogy. I remember seeing Raiders of the Lost Ark at The Flick in Westboro and watching a lot of the parts through the cracks between my fingers. Temple of Doom was rated PG when it came out, but had scenes that led to future movies having PG-13 ratings. My brothers, cousin, and I went to see The Last Crusade on opening day and watched all of the Indy movies many, many times together when they came out on tape. The quote “Nice try, Lao Che!” became one we repeated to each other often, especially when playing sports.

Hoping to watch T.O.D. tonight. If you want to know more about Lao Che:

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  1. I still remember the movie... but nice ending. Love the shirt by the way